In Lost Ark, there are many different events and raids that you can participate in. Of these events are Guardian Raids and Event Guardian raids. Event Guardian raids are a lot like Guardian Raids with a bit of a twist. You can complete these raids alone or with a group and hunt down three Guardians.

How Do Event Guardian Raids Work in Lost Ark?

To begin, you have to be at Level 50 and have an Item Level of at least 250. Once you enter the raid, your goal is to attack the Event Guardian. This will cause it to drop different buffs that can be stacked together up to three times. You can then use these buffs to help defeat all three Guardians.

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Once they’ve been defeated, they will drop rewards chests that will have Even Guardian Raid Tokens, as well as other things inside. These events can only be completed once a day and only once per character. This means that if your character list is completely full on a server, you will have the chance to complete the Event Guardian raid up to six times a day.

In most cases, all three of the Guardians will appear at different times. In some cases, you will be fighting two or three at once. Considering this, it would be best to make sure that you have your best abilities equipped. There is only room for 6 resurrections during the entire raid so make sure you are on your best game.

Once you’ve completed the raid, you can spend the tokens that you earn at nearby event vendors. The vendors will have many different valuable rewards that change out and renew every week. These items include honing materials as well as different special sales such as Engraving Recipes.

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