To get event fragments in Tribes of Midgard, players must complete various events that can appear in multiple locations around the game map.

These include the world tree stag, the roosters of Ragnarok, and a Dokkalfar prisoner event. 

All three of these events will occasionally spawn on the game’s map, and the player will need to find and complete them for event fragments.

Finding one of these three events will entail mostly traveling to the location of said event and finding either an animal NPC or slaying a horde of mobs.

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For the world stag event, you will need to locate a giant deer with glowing antlers and interact with it. But, for the roosters of Ragnarok, you will need to catch a giant rooster and interact with it, and for the prisoner event, you will need to kill a horde of evil elves to free a prisoner from a cage.

Completing either of them will reward you with the Event Fragments, and you will need these event fragments to unlock the lair that houses the Saga boss known as Fenrir.

However, you won’t just need event fragments, you will also need hideout fragments, quest fragments, and Jotun fragments to unlock Fenrir’s lair. 

On top of that, you will also need to repair a large bridge before you can get to the lair’s location. 

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