With the release of the new Pandaemonium: Asphodelos Raid series, a new type of Tomestone was added to Final Fantasy XIV. But what are Discal Tomestones, and how do you get them?

Put simply, Discal Tomestones are the currency used to obtain the brand new Radiant Weapon items.

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Discal Tomestones are an item obtained by trading Unsung Blades of Asphodelos to the NPC called Djole in Radz-at-Han. They’re located at X: 10.3, Y: 9.7. To get Unsung Blades of Asphodelos, you’ll have to defeat the Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle raid. This is the fourth and final raid in the Pandaemonium: Asphodelos raid series.

Once you’ve acquired seven Unsung Blades of Asphodelos, you can trade them to Djole for a single Discal Tomestone. You can acquire a Radiant Weapon using a Discal Tomestone and 500 of the new Allagan Tomestone of Astronomy. Alternatively, if you’re a Paladin, you’ll only need 350 Allagan Tomestone of Astronomy and a single Discal Tomestone.

Radiant weapons are Level 90, Item Level 590 weapons, with two materia slots. As of patch 6.05, they’re currently one of the best weapons in the game and highly sought after. If you’re looking for high DPS in your clears, they’re a must-grab weapon.

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