Age of Darkness: Final Stand is a brutal and challenging RTS in which you must lead and defend the last bastion of humanity against the Nightmares of the world. As if that wasn’t bad enough, you will need to prepare for Death Nights.

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Death Nights occur every few days depending on your difficulty, and with them come malice. This curse will afflict your army with a negative effect. To defeat a Death Night, players must build up their defenses to survive.

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At night, massive swarms of hundreds and thousands of nightmares will attack your town. You will need to utilize your defenses as well as your troops to survive the night. Fire and light will be two key allies as they will keep the death fog that accompanies a Death Night at bay. If your soldiers are in the Death Fog, they will constantly take damage and will become horrified.

During the day of a Death Night, a crystal will appear somewhere on the map. This will indicate the general direction the swarm will take to attack your base. Use this knowledge to plan where you will strengthen your defenses. You can also use this time to scout before night falls to identify any good choke points.

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