Splatoon 3 is Nintendo’s fast-paced third-person inker and features many different types of content. This can be seen in its currency, which includes many ways to spend it and earn rewards. One of these is conch shells, a special limited-time currency, which may leave you wondering what conch shells do in Splatoon 3.

Conch shells are a special type of currency that only appear during specific times, namely in a Splatfest. This currency can be exchanged, one conch shell per exchange, for random rewards from the Shell-Out machine. You can still use cash, but using Conch Shells is cheaper. One thing to note is that when a Splatfest ends, any conch shells you have will disappear, so make sure to spend them before the event ends.

How to get conch shells in Splatoon 3

To get conch shells in Splatoon 3, you must play and participate in online matches during a Splatfest. Splatfests are period events that Nintendo hosts in Splatoon 3, in which you choose one of three teams and battle alongside your team against the other two. Splatfests can have big effects on the game but allow you to earn conch shells.

So long as you play an online match outside of custom matches, you will earn conch shells. As conch shells can give lots of rewards from the Shell-Out machine in the lobby, it is well worth participating in Splatfests and earning this currency.

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