Hearthstone Mercenaries introduces an entirely new combat system to the game. There are three types of combat roles: Protectors, Casters, and Fighters. Players can utilize different mercenaries based on their roles.

Combat Roles in Hearthstone Mercenaries

Three combat roles work as a “rock-paper-scissors” type of system. The game refers to a “weakness triangle” in which one character is weaker than the other. Protectors are weak to Casters, who are weak to Fighters, who are weak to Protectors.

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To succeed in Mercenaries, players need to memorize the picture below.

Mercenaries’ combat roles will play an important role in building a strong squad. Activision-Blizzard expanded upon each of the roles in the initial blog post.

For convenience, we’ve put everything into the table below:

FightersThese roles have green frames. They tend to use aggressive Abilities that deal major damage to your enemies.
CastersThese roles have blue frames. Casters tend to cast spells for powerful effects—sometimes supporting your Party, sometimes blowing the other Party up—but they tend to have less Attack, which can make them softer targets for your enemies.
ProtectorsThese roles have red frames. They tend to be your tanks and supports. They often have a lot of Health and tend to utilize effects like Taunt and buffs to control the flow of battle. Some of them are pretty good at hand-to-hand combat but do not have many ranged options, and they tend to be a bit slower than the other Roles.
Courtesy of Activision-Blizzard

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