Dislyte is a free-to-play mobile gacha game where you collect Espers and build a powerful squad to take on various challenges and threats. There is a social aspect to Dislyte, which is most apparent in Clubs. This may leave you wondering how Clubs work in Dislyte.

Dislyte Club Guide

Clubs provide numerous benefits in Dislyte. They allow you to connect with other players and help one another out. Upon creating or joining a Club, you can start earning Club Points. These are used in the Club shop for various rewards. You also gain access to Club Tasks which provide rewards, and as your Club levels up, you can get more rewards. Club points are the only way to get Melanie.

How to create a Club

To create a Club, simply head to the Club tab from the main screen. You will need to fill out the required fields such as name, message, state, etc. You will also need 500 Nexus Crystal to finalize creation.

How to join a Club

To join a Club, you can search the Club’s name or ID. Once you have found the Club, simply join it. You can also ask the Club Manager to invite you.

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How to complete Club Tasks

You can find your Club Task in the Tasks tab. There will be three daily Tasks and one Weekly Task. The Weekly Task is contributed to by all Club members, while only you complete the dailies. The progress is tracked automatically, so simply do what the Task requires.

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