Elder Scrolls Online lets you choose to make your character from a long list of races. Each race has its own special abilities and will change the way you play the game ever so slightly. Brentons are unique because they are a human race that still has an affinity for magic.

Here is the complete list of Passive Skills that you will have at your disposal if you choose to play as a Brenton.

Passive SkillLevel UnlockedAbility
OpportunistStart+15 percent light armor
Alliance points gained increased by 1 percent
Gift of MagnusBrenton 5
Brenton 15
Brenton 30
Magicka Increased by 600
Magicka Increased by 1200
Magicka Increased by 2000
Spell AttunementBrenton 10
Brenton 20
Brenton 40
Spell Attument increased by 660 Magicka Recovery Increased by 40
Spell Attument increased by 1320 Magicka Recovery Increased by 80
Spell Attument increased by 2310 Magicka Recovery Increased by 130
Magicka MasteryBrenton 25
Brenton 35
Brenton 50
Magicka cost of abilities reduced by 2 percent
Magicka cost of abilities reduced by 4 percent
Magicka cost of abilities reduced by 7 percent

Every skill other than Opputunist will increase as you level up your Brenton. As you can see from the chart above, Magicka is a huge focus in a Brenton build.

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