Dislyte is a free-to-play mobile title that offers a lot of content. The primary gameplay involves building squads of Espers you receive through a gacha mechanic. These take on various tasks and activities, including Bounties. This may leave you wondering how Bounties work in Dislyte.

Dislyte Bounties Guide

Bounties are missions you can accept in the far left tab of the main screen. Each day, you will be given five to choose from, but you get one free refresh every twelve hours. We recommend refreshing if you do not see a Legendary or Epic Bounty.

You receive three Mission Letters each day. You need these to accept quests, and you can hold a max of six. Choose which Bounties to take on carefully so you don’t run out of Mission Letters when a good Bounty shows up.

Best Bounties in Dislyte

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The best Bounties to accept and complete in Dislyte are Legendary and Epic Bounties. These will appear as orange or purple, respectively. These give the best rewards and provide the highest number of resources. Other than these, Bounties that give Nexus Crystal, Starimon, or Abilimon are great choices. Any Bounty that is a Story cutscene is also worth completing.

How to accept and complete Bounties

To accept a Bounty, you must have a Mission Letter. If you have this item, you can click on the mission you wish to accept. These will task you with an objective that you must complete. These typically consist of:

  • Collecting a certain Relic or multiple
  • Defeating a specific enemy in the Story
  • Raise Espers to certain levels
  • Collect certain Divine Waves

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