Bugsnax is loaded full of different creatures for you to catch. While some of them are easy, others will take some planning if you want to bring them home. The Isle of Big Snax introduces several new creatures for you to watch and meet, but you will notice that most of them are rather large in size.

How to bring Big BugSnax down to size in Bugsnax

To shrink Big Bugsnax you will need to use Shrink Spice. Unlike other items, you can’t carry Shrink Spice around with you, instead, it is placed around Broken Tooth Island in specific spots. You will need to lure Big Bugsnax into the Shrink Spice to bring them down to size but be warned that the Shrink Spice does wear off.

Like with normal Bugsnax, once Big Snax are shrunken down to size, you will need to figure out how to capture them. This is where you will use items like your sauces to lure the Bugsnax or use fire to unfreeze them. For the most part, you can see just what items will be needed to capture the new Bugsnax based on their personalities.

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