Ashes of War are items found in Elden Ring to equip weapons for changes in damage type and skills. Ashes of War can be found by looting corpses or dropped by enemies and bosses. Ashes of War are located worldwide and are not considered random drops, so players can find specific Ashes of War in different locations.

Once you have found an Ash of War, it can be equipped with a weapon or shield by visiting a Site of Grace. Equipping an Ash of War can change that weapon or shield’s skills, dexterity, strength, or can even add a damage type.

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There are currently six different types of Ashes of War, each with different modifiers. Here are all the types of Ashes of War:

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  • Standard — Does not change strength or dexerity, but does change weapon or shield skills.
  • Keen — Increases dexerity, but decreases strength and base damage scaling. Adds skill effect.
  • Quality — Balances strength and dexerity, but decreases base damage scaling. Adds skill effect.
  • Lightning — Decreases strength and base damage scaling. Adds lightning damage.
  • Magic — Increases intellect, decreases strength, dexerity, and base damage scaling. Adds magic damage.
  • Sacred — decreases physical damage, damage negation, and strength. Adds holy damage.

Only one Ash of War can be equipped to each weapon or shield, but they can also be removed at a Site of Grace. Ashes of War are important for taking on different types of enemies and finding a good combination of damage and stats to fit your playstyle.

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