On your journey through Seeds of Life, you may have come across Landmarks. These are stone constructions filled with a red liquid on one side and empty on the other. Yet, you cannot use them straight away, not even the first one you come across.

These Landmarks are a way to increase your maximum health but at a cost. As you progress through the game, you’ll increase the amount of Lumium you can carry. Meaning you can use many of your Talismans capsules, aka abilities, in conjunction with one another. Which has to be done, especially with the health loss as you wander around the world.

To use a Landmark, you must have the Lumium that is required for that Landmark. You can see how much you need from the number at the top. The one in the picture below reads 700. This means you need a maximum of 700 to use it, not have 700 on Cora’s person. When you have 700, go to a Landmark and interact with it.

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Upon doing so, the red liquid will drain, and an orange liquid will appear on the right-hand side of the Landmark. You will lose 100 max Lumium but gain 10 max health in this transaction. So if you had 700 Lumium, this will now be at 600. Lumium is not hard to find, but if you have the regeneration capsule, having more max health seems to be worthless. We’d rather have the Lumium and leave these Landmarks alone.

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