Pokémon Legends: Arceus allows players to experience the Pokémon franchise in an entirely new way. Unlike previous renditions in the franchise, players will explore the world of Pokémon and encounter new types of creatures as they work to complete the world’s first PokéDex. One kind of Pokémon players will face during their travels is Alpha Pokémon, but what are these mysterious creatures?

Alpha Pokémon are large Pokémon with glowing red eyes that are incredibly aggressive. These creatures will chase trainers down and attack them if given a chance. Alphas can even summon other Pokémon to their side to aid them in battle. Players can capture Alpha Pokémon and recruit these creatures to their side if they defeat them in battle. Taking down these mighty foes won’t be easy, but Alpha Pokémon will make invaluable partners for trainers who can beat them.

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Image via The Pokémon Company

Not only can players recruit Alpha Pokémon as a reward for beating them, but the beasts may occasionally drop rare items, too. These rare items are sure to aid trainers who aim to complete the first PokéDex, so make sure to take on Alpha Pokémon to net these rewards if you’re confident in your team.

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