With the launch of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, a host of new systems, currencies, and content has been added to the game, including Allagan Tomestones of Aphorism. This is a new, high-end currency earned for the completion of endgame duties and content. In return, it can be traded for level 90 gear and weapons.

You can earn Allagan Tomestones of Aphorism by completing level 90 dungeons, trials, and raids. You will also receive an amount between 60-120 for completing your daily roulettes via a job that is level 90. This includes Levelling, Trials, Level 50/60/70/80 Dungeons, Main Scenario, Alliance Raids, Normal Raids, and Frontline PvP. You’ll also receive Allagan Tomestones of Aphorism for taking down S-Rank Hunt marks. 

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At present, Allagan Tomestones of Aphorism can only be traded to Cihanti <Tomestone Exchange> in Radz-at-Han. They’re located at X:10.8, Y:10.4 on the map. Cihanti currently trades Allagan Tomestones of Aphorism for Moonward Weapons, Armor, and Accessories.

Moonward gear is available for all jobs and Item Level 570. Weapons cost 500 Allagan Tomestones of Aphorism, Accessories cost 180, and Armor ranges from 245 for Head, Hands, and Feet to 410 for Chest and Legs.

With the inclusion of Allagan Tomestones of Aphorism, Allagan Tomestones of Allegory and Allagan Tomestones of Revelation have been discontinued.

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