Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 is slated to be released in less than a day’s time. Never one to be lacking when ramping up hype for new seasons, Epic Games has opened the waiting room on YouTube for both the Story Trailer and Battle Pass Trailers. These trailers are being released at 1am CST, which is roughly three hours before the game update itself will be ready for download.

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If you’d like to watch the premier live, you have two options. You can keep this page open in your browser and watch the trailer from here, or visit the YouTube Pages themselves with the links listed below them.

Note: The videos below will not show the live event until it’s released on YouTube. Until then, they will simply show a blank background and text stating how long you have to wait until they’re live.

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While you wait: What to expect

The Story Trailer and the Battle Pass Trailer are two entirely different things. Here is what you can expect from them, based on our knowledge of previous season.

  • Story Trailer: This will provide a rough outline of the Fortnite storyline throughout Season 6, and how we got to where we are in the story for Season 7. This will likely provide you with an inside look at what characters and mechanics you can expect to appear throughout the seaosn.
  • Battle Pass Trailer: This video will show you what kind of skins, unlocks, cosmetics, and more that you can get if you have the Fortnite Battle Pass for Season 7.

LIVE EVENT: Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Story Trailer


LIVE EVENT: Fortnite Chapter 2 Battle Pass Trailer


Be sure to be here at 1am CST on June 8, 2021 to get a first look at this exciting new season!

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