If you are wondering how to get the Afentis speargun in Warframe, it is simple. In short, there are currently two methods for getting the Afentis speargun. The first method involves simply paying for it via the marketplace in-game. If you want to use the marketplace method, you need a currency called platinum. You can get platinum by purchasing it via one of the various currency packs at the official Warframe website or trading for it. That being said, buying the speargun from the marketplace costs roughly 240 platinum currency. 

But, using just platinum currency is not the only method for getting the Afentis Speargun. The second method for getting the Afentis speargun involves purchasing the weapon from Cripper at Kahl’s Garrison using a currency called stock. However, purchasing the weapon from Cripper does not get you the complete weapon. Instead, you only get the Afentis speargun as a blueprint that you can craft via the foundry in-game.

To get the Afentis spear gun as a blueprint, you must be at least rank five at Kahl’s Garrison. If you are already at rank five, you can purchase the Afentis Speargun for 60 stock. But, if you do not have stock to purchase the Afentis speargun as a blueprint, you can get more by completing weekly missions at Khal’s Garrison.

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