Exodia Arcanes are permanent mod-like buffs you can equip on your crafted Zaw. Unlike most Exodia arcanes, Exodia Contagion is a bit unique to obtain due to its availability. Here’s a guide on how to get and use Exodia Contagion.

Stats for Exodia Contagion in Warframe

Exodia Contagion unleashes a projectile made of Infested enemy when you perform an aerial melee attack while aim gliding just after a bullet jump or double jump. Like a mod, you can enhance it for improved damage and effects. Note that Exodia Contagion’s enhancements only take effect if the projectile travels at least 30 meters before hitting an enemy or surface.

The projectile has multiple damage instances based on how it hits a target. Direct hits deal 2x of the Zaw’s damage with an equal damage distribution of 33% Impact, Puncture, and Slash damage. The explosion deals 5x the Zaw’s damage, with 100% of it being Viral. Direct hits cause a DoT(Damage over Time) effect to activate, dealing 1x the Zaw’s damage as Blast.

Note that the explosion portion of the projectile causes a Impact proc on any enemies with it.

RankDamage (after 30m)Explosive Radius

How to get Exodia Contagion in Warframe

Exodia Contagion can be bought from Nakak, in the Cetus settlement on Earth, during the Operation: Plague Star recurring event for 5,000 + 1,500 Operational Supply reputation. Note that the Operational Supply syndicate is only active during the event.

In addition, this arcane can sometimes be bought from Daughter during the Nights of Naberus yearly event for 50 Mother Tokens.

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