Genshin Impact has a trove of artifact sets for you to equip your party with. Some of these are easier to get than others, while others need to be farmed from a domain. Wander’s Troupe is a relatively easy-to-get set that is perfect for beginners.

You can get the Wander’s Troupe artifact set in a couple of different ways. This set is mostly obtained from defeating the game’s weekly bosses, but it is also given out from the Domain Reliquary item. The set comes in both a four-star and five-star variety.

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Here are the stats for the Wander’s Troupe artifact set:

  • 2-Piece Set: Elemental mastery gets an 80 point buff.
  • 4-Piece Set: Catalyst and bow users get a 35 percent damage boost to their charged attacks.

Best characters for the Wander’s Troupe artifact set

Wander’s Troupe can be used with pretty much any bow-user or catalyst in the game and is a great starter set. This set can be used to substitute sets that you haven’t grinded out, making it valuable to keep on hand. It’s also a great set to help give a quick boost to characters who rely on elemental mastery.

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