Kena: Bridge of Spirits has become one of 2021’s surprise successes. The game’s combination of gorgeous visuals, heart-warming story, and a surprisingly challenging array of combat scenarios have made it an instant hit. The game has some well-thought-out puzzles for players to tackle, including one in the Village Heart.

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To complete the Village Heart door puzzle, Kena will have to line up the glowing carvings. She’ll need to use a combination of her Bow and Bomb abilities to figure this out. Bomb each pillar to unlock it. Use the glowing crystals to rearrange the image on the rocks. We’ve added a picture of what each pillar should look like below:

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Left Pillar

Right Pillar

Players will know they’ve gotten the right combination for a pillar when the pillars light up and a high note plays in the background. Once the posts show the above patterns, the door will open, and Kena is free to continue her journey through the Village Heart.

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