Viet Nam Piece puts you on an island and tasks you with beating up bandits and completing quests. You will receive quests from different NPCs, and completing them will earn you Beli, the currency. You can use Beli to get Swords and Devil Fruits, which make you stronger.

The codes below will give you Beli, which is needed to buy new swords and demon fruit. This is a great way to start the game since many players will wait for newer players to come out of the shop where you spawn to kill you. The only safe zone is the shop, so leaving with your first sword is essential.

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All Viet Nam Piece Codes List

Viet Nam Piece Codes (Working)

Here’s a look at all the working Viet Nam Piece codes.

  • !20MVISITS—Redeem code for Beli (New)
  • !22MVISITS—Redeem code for Beli (New)
  • !DEKU-OFA—Redeem code for Beli (New)

Viet Nam Piece Codes (Expired)

These codes for Viet Nam Piece no longer work.

  • !20KLIKES—Redeem code for Beli
  • !SubTo_TmSiuDz—Redeem code for a reward
  • !SORRYFORCLOSE—Redeem code for 2,000,000 Beli
  • !FREEBELI—Redeem code for a reward

Viet Nam Piece Frequently asked questions

Here’s everything you need to know regarding Viet Nam Piece codes.

How to redeem Viet Nam Piece codes

Redeeming codes for free rewards in Viet Nam Piece is easy.

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO
  1. Launch Viet Name Piece on Roblox.
  2. Press the / key to open your chat.
  3. type one of the codes above into your chat text box.
  4. Press the Enter key to submit the code.

How can you get more Viet Nam Piece codes?

The best way to get more Viet Nam Piece codes is to bookmark this page and return often. We keep our Roblox codes pages as up-to-date as possible.

Another way is to join the Viet Nam Piece Discord. The developers post the codes in the #Codes channel in Discord and remove codes from there a bit after they expire.

Why aren’t my Viet Nam Piece codes working?

You can tell a code works when a giant green [Redeemed] message appears on your screen after entering your code. If that message does not pop up, your code is either expired or invalid. We always recommend copying the code from above and then pasting it into your game. This way, the only way a code won’t work is if it’s expired. Please feel free to let us know about any expired codes so that we can double-check them.

How do I go to other islands in Viet Nam Piece?

There are six islands that you can visit in Viet Nam Piece. The way to go to other islands is to take a boat. We recommend completing all of the quests before attempting to go to other islands because the bandit levels are significantly higher.

To find a boat, go to the pier and look for an NPC with a black circle underneath them. Those NPCs sell boats, and the rowboat is the cheapest one you can get at 350 Beli.

What is Viet Nam Piece?

In Viet Name Piece, players must reach a high level and acquire a lot of Beli to beat other players. All islands are PvP, and you can purchase only Power Fruit and Devil Fruit to be an adequate fighter. While fighting bandits, players are always at risk of being attacked unless you are in a store. Using your Beli, you can get money and Demon Fruit, which gives you powers.

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