Vampire The Masquerade: Swansong puts players in the shoes of three separate and distinct Vampires in Boston. They’re on a quest to solve mysteries surrounding the persecution of their kind while simultaneously hiding their true nature from humans. One key mechanic players will need to keep their eyes on as they skulk through the night as Leysha, Emem, and Galeb is the Suspicion meter.

What is Suspicion in Vampire The Masquerade: Swansong?

Suspicion in Swansong indicates how aware Mortals are of your presence at any given time. High-profile actions like killing Prey while feeding will increase the Suspicion meter, and failing to recover gear that will reveal The Masquerade also lifts the gauge meter. Suspicion is shared by all three characters in Swansong, meaning any actions you do to raise Suspicion follow you for the rest of your playthrough.

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What happens when Suspicion rises?

When Suspicion rises in Vampire The Masquerade: Swansong, the game’s difficulty increases accordingly. The higher your Suspicion gauge, the more skilled your opponents will be in confrontations and conversations. You’ll need more Skill Upgrades to contend in conversation, making success less likely even when you’re higher level. For this reason, we recommend keeping your Suspicion gauge as low as possible when playing Swansong.

How to check Suspicion in Vampire The Masquerade Swansong

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To check the current suspicion in Vampire The Masquerade: Swansong, open your menu and head to the Traits tab. At the bottom of the menu, you’ll notice a Shared Traits menu that discloses how high your suspicion is currently. Highlight the Suspicion Meter to see what effects the current Suspicion has on your gameplay.

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