Sometimes booting up your favorite game, Valorant, and joining a lobby isn’t as simple as it should be. Games, particularly those of the live service variety, are prone to errors of all kinds. They’re very complicated programs after all. But one particular error that Valorant players are running into is the queue being disabled. Here’s how to work around that.

Valorant Competitive Queue is Disabled

There is really only one way to resolve the queue being disabled and that’s to have patience. If the queue is disabled, odds are there’s something larger at hand and it is out of the control of the players. We recommend checking the Valorant Twitter account for official announcements and an ETA. It is usually the first place that news and important info will be released.

That’s about all there is to this particular error. It stinks, but while you wait, you can always peruse more of Pro Game Guide’s excellent coverage on Valorant. It might just help you get that competitive edge by adjusting your settings for optimal FPS or something else helpful.

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