After the tremendous success of the Chronovoid skin bundle, Riot Games are planning to release a new dark-themed skin bundle tomorrow called Crimsonbeast. On first look, the skin line looks very familiar as it is very similar to the super popular Elderflame skin set. It will feature four different weapon skins for popular weapons like Sheriff and Vandal. Along with a unique melee skin Crimsonbeast Hammer that almost looks like a Thor Hammer from Norse Mythology. The bundle will debut inside the Valorant game store on October 5, 2022.

All Weapon and Melee Skins in Valorant Crimsonbeast Skin Bundle

You can find all the cosmetics in the Valorant Crimsonbeast bundle from the following list.

  • Crimsonbeast Sheriff
  • Crimsonbeast Vandal
  • Crimsonbeast Marshall
  • Crimsonbeast Judge
  • Crimsonbeast Hammer

Eventhoughhough, Riot Games has not revealed anything regarding the price or the type of bundle. Many famous, Valorant leakers like “Mike Valorant” have classified it as a premium skin bundle. Analyzing previous premium bundles, you can expect the entire Crimsonbeast bundle to be sold at 7100 VP and the individual cosmetic weapons at 1775 VP. For the Crimsonbeast Hammer melee skin, you may expect a whopping price tag of 3550 VP. Still, we need to wait for an official confirmation from the developer’s end.

When does the Valorant Crimsonbeast Release?

As mentioned earlier, the Valorant Crimsonbeast bundle will be available to purchase for players from October 5, 2022. Like past bundle sets, it will spend an entire 2 to 3 weeks before being removed. Still, you can purchase individual items from the bundle under the default daily store rotation.

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