A rumor circulated by Twitter leaker @SpendYourPrimos suggests that the three upcoming Genshin Impact updates—Version 3.0, 3.1, and 3.2—are likely to be shortened by one week each. Genshin Impact has maintained a consistent update schedule throughout its nearly two-year runtime, which covers one major update every six weeks, divided into smaller event segments to keep players busy. However, the COVID-19 outbreak in Shanghai resulted in a three-week delay for Version 2.7, breaking the game’s regular update timeline. With everything pushed back by three weeks, future plans could be placed at awkward points on the overall schedule.

For instance, Genshin Impact’s second anniversary is slated to be celebrated on September 28, 2022. With the current timeline, the second-anniversary event will be placed on the last week of Version 3.0, which is far too short for a decent comeback from last year’s failed celebrations. The one-week reduction will allow the anniversary to fall a few days before Version 3.1, allowing HoYoverse to move the event to this update instead.

However, the shortened updates will also mean tighter banner timelines, which can be precarious for free-to-players carefully saving up their Primogem reserves for the next limited banner. On the bright side, based on the rumors, the shortened updates are likely to be temporary—and HoYoverse has not made any official announcements surrounding them, so they’re still subject to change at any time.

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