It can be pretty confusing to hear a streamer use lingo that isn’t completely obvious to people new to Twitch. Some people that have been on the platform for years still can find themselves lost when hearing certain phrases and that’s understandable. Here is all the Twitch chat slang that everyone should know.

Everything Pog Related

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PogChamp was originally assigned to a different image for its emote. The person that the original emote was made after had some controversial statements and Twitch sought to replace the emote. Twitch viewers took to Twitter in order to request that KomodoHype would become the new emote and BTTV and FFZ users began to offer alternatives to emotes such as POGGERS, Pog, and POGGIES to instead use Pepe The Frog for them.

Pog related emotes are used to express excitement and the prefix to the emote was meant to be play of the game. This shorthand came from the game Overwatch in which players were rewarded with a highlight of the fight from a player’s perspective. This was usually killstreaks, shutting down opposing players’ ultimates, or a show of skill in accuracy.

Using the PogChamp emote can be used normally for those watching Twitch without an extension but using the BTTV, FFZ, or 7TV browser extensions will allow users to see emotes that would normally appear as just plain text. POGGERS, and POGGIES are two examples of this and to better understand what people are typing, people only really need to download the FFZ extension to view these emotes and then toggle the settings to view other third party emotes on the site.

4Head And 5Head

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The 4Head emote, represented by Cadburry, has multiple uses depending on the context it’s used in. It originally started as a way to respond to dad jokes on the platform but can also be used after delivering painfully obvious statements. “Just don’t get hit 4Head” is one example of how to use the emote in a sentence this way.

5Head is a BTTV, FFZ, or 7TV emote that blows up the image of 4Head and is used to describe something or someone that is intelligent. This can be used sarcastically as well to imply someone’s statement was so unintelligible that someone would need a very high IQ to understand it. It can be used after obvious or troll statements as well. Similarly, the 3Head emote has the opposite effect and is used to point out or say statements that are deemed stupid.


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Originally uploaded by MonkaSenpai, the monkaS emote is used to express nervousness or close calls. Several versions of the emote exist including monkaW and monkaOMEGA that close up on the eyes to express more imperative concern. Pepe The Frog is used in a large amount of emotes on the third party extensions.

The peepo emotes depict many different emotions and actions, often appearing in cute ways. peepoHappy, peepoSad, or wide versions of them like widepeepoHappy are fairly common in Twitch chats if they have them added to their third party extensions’ emote list. peepoPat, peepoJuice, and Booba are all emotes originally added by MonkaSenpai and since then, many more have shown up. Sadge, Madge, and peepoClap have risen to high popularity and aren’t hard to keep track of when using one of the extensions.

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The emote KEKW and OMEGALUL are straightforward emotes that are used to express laughter. Juan Joya Borja is used for KEKW and TotalBiscuit or John Bain is used for OMEGALUL. OMEGALUL is an outstretched version of Twitch’s LUL emote. It has been used to replace O’s and 0’s in a word. They both have other variants but the most popular mention is KEKWait or SadKEK that takes the usual laughing emote and makes it appear serious.


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The Kappa emote is the emote people think of the most when Twitch is mentioned. Josh DeSeno, a former employee of Justin TV, is the face it uses. It portrays sarcasm when used and is often said after a troll comment on Twitch. Using it is almost a guaranteed way to get someone’s sarcasm across as anything read with Kappa at the end is not to be taken seriously.

Other variants of Kappa include KappaPride, DarkMode, KappaClaus, KappaRoss, and KappaWealth.


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Depicted by Bob Ross, CoolStoryBob is used to convey false interest in something. In Twitch chats, this can be spammed when the streamer is telling a story as a way of trolling them, or in response to other members of chat doing the same. PixelBob is another variant of the emote and it is used for the same things.

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DansGame And WutFace

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Alex Mendez is the face of WutFace, whose emote has been blown up to WutW on third party extensions. DansGaming is the face of the aptly named DansGame emote. Both are used to show disgust but WutFace is multifaceted and can be used as a way to express fear as well.

BibleThump And NotLikeThis

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Isaac from The Binding of Isaac is the face of the BibleThump and AngelThump emotes. It can be jarring hearing the phrase and not putting the face of the emote to the name, but with context, it makes sense given the game the emote is taken from. AngleThump is the third party extension version of the emote and gives Isaac wings.

NotLikeThis is an emote that depicts Twitch employee Ben Swartz in a distress. It is commonly used to express dismay or frustration. Along with BibleThump, the emotes are often used in tandem or one after the other as many instances of distress have a sad result following it.


Nearly all gasm emotes on Twitch are used in the same situations. Kreygasm can be used to express hype for something, similar to PogChamp, as well as want or attraction to something. An example would be “Elden Ring comes out in a month Kreygasm” where the emote is used to express excitement over a game.


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The Pepega emote is a multifaceted third party emote that uses Pepe The Frog. It is used to express stupidity or when something goes over someone’s head metaphorically. Other variants can be more specific such as PepegaAim that illustrates the emote to fire a gun, expressing that someone’s aim is bad. Calling someone a Pepega is a way of calling them stupid in a more light hearted way.

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