The survival co-op genre has a new mainstay with Tribes of Midgard. The 10 player co-op experience plans to implement seasonal updates that inject more content into the game as time goes on. Odin’s warriors will have plenty of missions to tackle. Season 1: The Wolf Saga plans to kick off this trend with force.

Season 1: The Wolf Saga will be available when the game launches. This season implements several key changes, including:

  • New classes for players to select.
  • Exclusive limited time loot drops.
  • A new boss for warriors to face.
  • 30 Runes that can be mixed and matched for character boosts and bonuses.
  • Saga Quests: quests that take warriors across the world of Tribes of Midgard.
  • Companions that can accompany players on their journey.

Because The Wolf Saga is the first season and launches alongside the game, there are eight new eight classes for players to choose from:

  • Ranger
  • Warrior
  • Guardian
  • Seer
  • Hunter
  • Berserker
  • Sentinel
  • Warden

The Ranger and Warrior are the game’s starting classes, and the six other classes are only available to those that complete specific objectives.

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Those interested in more information can watch the official content overview posted by Norsfell on the Tribes of Midgard Twitter page.

Tribes of Midgard is a role-playing survival game with a focus on cooperative play. It can be purchased for $19.99 on PS4, PS5, and Steam.

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