Norsfell Games Inc.’s game Tribes of Midgard offers a unique fantasy experience to those invested in Norse mythology. This survival-action RPG lets up to 10 players cooperate in many quests at the behest of Odin, the Raven King. Tribes of Midgard also introduces an unconventional mission structure.

One of the mission types players can expect after the game releases are Saga Quest. These missions are the biggest part of every season in Tribes of Midgard and will take players across the game’s world to explore dungeons and defeat bosses. At the end of every Saga Quest, players will be rewarded for loot for completing a mission. The tougher the challenge, the greater the prize. These season-exclusive rewards include:

  • Armor Sets
  • Weapons
  • Companions

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With eight separate classes to choose from, players can customize their character, abilities, and equipment to fit their playstyle. The eight classes that will launch with Tribes of Midgard are:

  • Ranger
  • Warrior
  • Guardian
  • Seer
  • Hunter
  • Berserker
  • Sentinel
  • Warden

Ranger and Warrior are available automatically, while the other six classes will only become available once players complete specific tasks in the open world. Luckily, there are missions like the Saga Quests where players can finish these objectives.

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