Tribes of Midgard and Valheim share very similar settings, whereas players take on the role of a Viking warrior and must slay creatures of Norse mythology. Beyond this, the similarities between both games start to dwindle, but nonetheless, here is Tribes of Midgard vs. Valheim explained Below.

Valheim Features, GameplayVSTribes of Midgard Features, Gameplay
Valheim is a 3rd person Survival crafting gameVSTribes of Midgard is a top down ARPG/Rougelite
Valheim has base building and plays similar to most survival games on the market.VSTribes of Midgard is a fast past rougelite first with heavy elements of ARPGs where players defend a village.
Valheim has an extensive crafting system.VSTribes of Midgard has a simple and less in depth crafting system.
Players must seek out boss fights and acquire materials to unlock them.VSPlayers do no need to seek out boss fights, as they will head directly towards the village in the center of the map.
Valheim has a decent list of enemy to fight but can get boring quickly.VSTribes of Midgard features a more robust enemy roster.
Gathering resources takes time, especially for minerals.VSGathering resources is simple but efficient and keeps you moving.
Overall gameplay loop is long and can be drawn out and so lack of features can be very noticeable.VSTribes of Midgard doesn’t have many features but gameplay loop doesn’t overstays it’s welcome and keeps you moving.
Valheim doesn’t have a season pass or rewards system.VSThe game as a season rewards system.
Looting in Valheim is geared around traditional survival games.VSLooting in Tribes of Midgard is geared around ARPGs.

Overall, there are some very stark similarities between both Tribes of Midgard and Valheim, but in the long scheme of things, the games are completely two different beasts.

So if you are worried about buying either of the games and having them being the same experience, don’t. Each game provides a complete and fun experience in it’s own right, and similarities between the two, start and end at base mechanics and setting.

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For instance, crafting in Valheim takes time and you have to gather a laundry list of resources to make certain items, whereas in Tribes of Midgard, the required resources of items doesn’t usually surpass five to 6 resource types. Valheim has base building where as Tribes is more or less a tower defense and has no base building features.

Honestly we could go on and on just listing features and the comparing the two, but it just comes down to which experience you want to play. Want a survival base building game with a splash of atmospheric Viking aesthetic? If you answer yes, then Valheim is the game for you. Want a ARPG/rouglite hybrid with tower defense mechancis? go with Tribes of Midgard.

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