Tower of Fantasy combines fantasy and sci-fi to create the unique world of Aida, thrilling gameplay, and a diverse cast of characters. These are divided into characters and Simulacra. Zero is a Simulacra you can unlock in-game, which may leave you wondering who Zero is and what his abilities are in Tower of Fantasy.

Who is Zero in Tower of Fantasy?

Zero is an aloof and brilliant Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy. Despite appearing young, it is impossible to know Zero’s age as he destroyed all records of his past. He is intelligent and competitive but often ignores anything he does not see as important due to his pride.

How to get Zero in Tower of Fantasy?

Zero will most likely be obtained through the in-game gacha system. But Hotta Studio has not yet revealed information on how the gacha system will work, so we do not have enough concrete information for this question. We will update this guide once the appropriate information is available, so be sure to return to find the answer to your question.

Tower of Fantasy Zero Gameplay – Weapon, Abilities, and Skills

At this point, Zero’s exact skills and abilities are unknown, but Hotta Studio released a short teaser of his gameplay via a tweet on the official Tower of Fantasy Twitter. He appears to use a digital-themed attack style that incorporates fire and strong AoE attacks. These attacks have a good bit of knockback, which can be good for keeping enemies at bay. The tweet also showed different skins, giving you multiple styles to choose from.

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