Looking to become a contender and occupy a similar space to Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy is an open-world MMORPG developed by Hotta Studios. While players will certainly gravitate towards characters they like, there are some characters regarded as better than others. In terms of PvE (player versus enemy) content, here are the Tower of Fantasy characters ranked from best to worst.

Ranking the Tower of Fantasy PvE Characters

S Tier

  • Tsubasa: Tsubasa is a Tower of Fantasy DPS character (Simulacrum) that can excel in almost any situation simply due to the damage buffs she grants. Her Icewind Arrow weapon creates stacks of Sharp Arrow that increase all damage by 8%, stacking up to 3 times. Her discharge, Explosive Barrage, creates a heavily damaging hailstorm and triggers Cold Front, increasing damage further and increasing attack speed by 45%. Additionally, with star levels, Tsubasa grants a massive weapon damage buff upon using her discharge. Basically, Tsubasa not only deals tons of damage on her own, but also causes her teammates to deal extreme damage as well.
  • KING: Another DPS character, KING is hailed by much of the player base as the best character in the game. This point is no contest if the argument is specifically for damage, as KING offers big damage by himself and massive buffs for your team on top of benefits for breaking shields. His Scythe of the Crow weapon reduces targets’ healing by 50% and applies fire damage. His skill, Mortal Coil, is a simple but powerful AoE slash. KING’s Flaming Scythe discharge sets his scythe ablaze and creates more scythes that erupt under enemies to knock up and deal further damage. KING’s best abilities, however, are in his passives. KING offers massive damage for breaking shields, an HP buff, a damage buff for each nearby enemy, a flat damage buff to weapons, a flat damage buff when attacking shielded enemies, and a weapon buff for each enemy slain in the last 30 seconds.
  • Samir: Whereas KING offers massive damage buffs for your team, Samir simply offers massive damage, even more than KING himself. This is due to Samir’s focus on critical hits. Wielding her Dual EM Stars weapon (twin pistols), Samir can paralyze targets, remove any buffs, prevent application of new ones for 6 seconds, and deal big damage. Samir’s Electro Field skill launches a field of electricity that deals big damage to targets within over a duration before launching them airborne. Her discharge, Domain of Thunder, is like an Electro Field on steroids, dealing massive damage to any enemy caught within and removing their buffs. Like KING, Samir’s passives push her power over the edge. She has passives that increase flat weapon damage, critical hit rate, critical hit damage, cause crits to trigger explosions, cause explosions to reduce cooldowns, and a buff that doubles Electro Field’s duration because why not make her deal even more damage.
  • Coco Ritter: Finally taking a break from S tier DPS characters, Coco is one of the game’s best healers. Wielding her weapon Absolute Zero, Coco can freeze enemies and cause their weapon to recharge 50% slower. Her Sanctuary skill creates a healing zone that automatically follows the Wanderer around the battlefield, healing all allies within it. Coco’s discharge, Swift Deliverance, removes all debuffs from allies, prevents new ones from being applied, and heals allies for a massive amount over time. Coco also has powerful passives which summon healing bees that follow and heal allies, increase flat HP, and greatly increase all healing effects.

A Tier

  • Crow: Dual wielding his signature Thunderblades, Crow excels in close quarters combat, especially when behind his target. His Sneak Attack skill deals absurd damage to a target if Crow is behind it, and his advancements grant Crow bonus damage when behind the target and when the target is below 60% health. Furthermore, his discharge, Orbiting Blades, also deals huge damage and applies floating blades to the Wanderer that damage enemies that get too close. The only thing keeping Crow out of S tier is the need to build around him to reach his full potential.
  • Meryl: Sporting her menacing Rosy Edge claymore, Meryl is one of the strongest tank characters in the game. She’s able to dish out big damage while controlling enemies. Her Ice Shell ability causes fully charged weapons to freeze targets solid, allowing you to either leave them frozen or shatter the ice, damaging the target and frostbiting them (reduces weapon charge rate by 50%). Her discharge, Frost Barrier, creates a massive ice wall that blocks projectiles, damages enemies, knocks enemies up, slows them, and prevents them from jumping or dodging. The reason Meryl is A tier and not S is actually because of Frost Barrier, as a poorly timed use of this ability can severely hinder teammates as much as enemies.
  • Zero: Part of the healing class of characters, Zero wields the Negating Cube, which ironically burns targets and reduces the healing they receive. Zero’s gameplan revolves around cubes and orbs that each provide differing offensive or defensive effects. Like other complicated characters, this system can be wielded for incredible healing, protection, and buffing. Zero’s discharge, Omnium Wave, immediately spawns 5 cubes and consumes them to send out a shockwave for big damage, a knock-up, and damage immunity for allies nearby.
  • Ene: While certainly a strong, beefy tank character, Ene can dish out an incredible amount of damage as well. This is due to the charge attack of her Pummeler weapon, which gives her a buff called Hyperbody. Hyperbody prevents Ene from being crowd controlled, meaning she can fully charge her attack without penalty, dealing massive damage when it is fully charged. Her Outburst skill magnifies her damage further and leaves windfury zones on the ground that make dodging free. Ene’s discharge, Overwhelming Maul, knocks up, deals damage, and summons a falling hammer that deals even more damage.

B Tier

  • Huma: A tank character, Huma’s weapon is the Molten Shield V2, one of the most interesting weapons in the game due to its ability to change forms. It has a Shield Form that creates shield stacks upon using dodge or branch skills. These stacks reduce incoming damage by 10% each. If any of these stacks are active and Huma switches to Axe Form, the reduction stacks convert into damage increase stacks that raise the value to 15%. Huma’s skill, Fission, will trigger an automatic form change, with both forms causing a ground slam. If switching from shield to axe, the slam will knock up and leave a damaging zone on the ground. If switching from axe to shield, the slam will knock back instead and prevent targets from switching weapons. Her discharge, Seething Rage, releases a shockwave of flames that damage and taunt enemies while giving 15% damage reduction. Additionally, Huma creates a shield fragment for each taunted target that can be walked over to receive damage reduction and restore dodge charges.
  • Shiro: Excelling at AoE damage using her weapon Chakram of the Seas, Shiro’s game plan revolves around her skill Full Bloom. The skill creates a zone around the Wanderer that pulls enemies in, slows them, and spawns five chakrams that bounce up to five times between enemies. To maximize this skill’s potential, Shiro’s Waning Moon dodge skill should be used in conjunction. Full Bloom’s zone will cause the chakrams from that skill to also bounce up to five times, making for a punishing amount of AoE damage. Shiro’s Spirit of the Air discharge offers both AoE and utility as for 10 seconds Shiro fires off chakrams at up to four nearby enemies. Each chakram fired has a small chance to stun both the target and enemies near it.
  • Bai Ling: The only reason Bai Ling is B tier and not in A is due to her dependency on accuracy. In the hands of an accurate shooter, she will deal incredible damage. Bai Ling’s Nightingale’s Feather weapon applies the Grievous debuff to the target, increasing the damage the target takes. Her Piercing Shot skill allows her to deal damage and keep targets away with a knockback, while her discharge Explosive barrage simply deals massive damage to whatever it comes in contact with. Her passives are her true power, with flat weapon damage increases, a massive bonus to headshots, and a large critical rate and damage bonus to targets affected with Grievous.

C Tier

  • Pepper: The only thing holding Pepper back from a higher tier placement is that she’s a strictly worse version of Coco in pretty much every way. She shares the Sanctuary skill and Swift Deliverance discharge with Coco, but Pepper’s numbers are much lower in comparison. Pepper’s passives are unique and comparable to Electro characters from Genshin Impact, but ultimately offer much less healing potential overall. However, because she is a lesser version of Coco, she excels as a healer in the early game or for lower level players, and thus is still a solid option in her own right.

D Tier

  • Echo: While not a bad damage option in the early game, Echo is outclassed later by higher scaling damage dealers. Her gameplay revolves around knocking enemies airborne and using her Moonchaser skill to fly up with them, continuing combo strings. Her Thunderclap discharge can be a powerful single target option but is also worse than other DPS discharges. She feels as though she is a lesser version of KING as she is a solid shield shatter option, but because she is worse overall, it is best to swap her out for KING as soon as possible.

F Tier

  • Hilda: It is painful to admit, but Hilda feels like she is not built for Tower of Fantasy’s gameplay. Hilda’s Terminator weapon is even more unique than Hilda’s shield axe due to its abilities. Her regular attacks allow her to enter an aim mode and her Turret skill offers another mode to enter into that launches large orbs for big damage. Her discharge is Arctic Beam, an attack that fires an ice beam to deal massive damage and reduce the target’s frost resistance significantly. While she sounds great on paper, while aiming and in Turret Mode Hilda can’t move and is forced to sit in place and fire, making her easy pickings for big groups or mobile enemies.

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