In Tower of Fantasy, players explore the fantasy sci-fi world of Aida. You wield a cast of characters and Simulacra as you engage in thrilling, fast-paced combat. One Simulacra you can unlock is King. This may leave you wondering about King’s abilities, weapon, and more in Tower of Fantasy.

Who is King in Tower of Fantasy?

King is a Simulacra known for his brash attitude and flashy appearance. Despite his flamboyant clothes, King isn’t afraid to resort to violence to get his way; in fact, he often uses it as a first option. Pair this with his love for money, and King is a dangerous man.

How to get King in Tower of Fantasy

King will likely be unlocked through the in-game gacha system. Hotta Studio has not yet revealed information on how the gacha system will work, so we do not have enough information for this question. We will update this guide once the appropriate information is available, so be sure to return to find the answer to your question.

Tower of Fantasy King Gameplay – Weapon, Abilities, and Skills

We do not yet know King’s complete skill set and abilities, but Hotta Studio released a short clip showcasing King’s potential via the official Tower of Fantasy Twitter page. This Simulacra strikes with rapid attacks from his scythe and fire, dealing good amounts of single-target damage. His scythe is also capable of striking multiple foes, making it useful for AoE attacks as well.

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