Tower of Fantasy is brimming with content, almost an overwhelming amount. There are loads of resources to learn, enemies to fight, weapons to master, and so much more. One item that is incredibly important though is Dark Crystals. This may leave you wondering how to get Dark Crystals and what they do in Tower of Fantasy.

How to get Dark Crystals in Tower of Fantasy

Dark Crystals are one of the easiest resources to earn in Tower of Fantasy. You can get this through many ways, but one of the best is to claim your rewards through the Achievements, Chronicles, Missions, and Story rewards. You can also receive Dark Crystals from Supply Pods and checkpoints in the story.

As Dark Crystals are used for many in-game purchases, you will want to collect as much as you can. Unfortunately, while it is common, you do not get a lot at once. The upside, though is that you should have a steady stream coming in just by playing the game.

What do Dark Crystals do in Tower of Fantasy?

Dark Crystals are an in-game currency and can be used to purchase multiple things. Many items in the shop can be purchased with Dark Crystals, but we recommend using this currency to purchase Gold Nucleus, Red Nucleus, and upgrade your weapons.

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