Every year, Madden ratings reveals are a cause for celebration or pure anguish from fans. EA Sports has revealed the ratings for wide receivers and include only one player in the coveted 99 club. Here are the top 10 Wide Receivers in Madden 23.

10 – Amari Cooper (90 OVR)

Cooper comes in at the ten spot, tying with Tyler Lockett and Michael Thomas with 90 OVRs. Some of Cooper’s key stats include 94 Agility, 95 Catch Rating, and 93 Change of Direction. His route running hovers around 90, so he can be a very consistent receiver, especially with his high Catch Rating.

9 – Terry McLaurin (91 OVR)

After a standout year with the Washington Commanders, the 26-year-old receiver ranks 9th in Madden 23. McLaurin is the fastest receiver among the top 10 with a Speed Rating of 94. His other key stats include a 97 Catch Rating, 95 Spectacular Catch, and 96 Release Rating. He has all the tools to be a dangerous receiver that can put up 100-yard games with ease.

8 – Keenan Allen (91 OVR)

Keenan Allen has the same overall rating as McLaurin but possesses a little bit more versatility. Allen’s ability to catch in traffic and run amazing short and medium routes makes him one of the best receivers for any situation. Allen has a 95 Catch in Traffic and Spectacular Catch Rating, 93 Short Route, and 94 Medium Route, so he is a first down machine.

7 – Mike Evans (92 OVR)

Evans hits the 7th spot as the number one receiver to Tom Brady last year. Evans stands apart as one of the most physical receivers on the list with a 96 Jump Rating, 98 Catch in Traffic, and 97 Spectacular Catch. Any receiver with stats like those is dangerous, but with Evans’ 6’5″ height, it becomes lethal.

6 – Justin Jefferson (93 OVR)

The 23-year-old Vikings receiver has proven he is the real deal, making the All-Pro list in his first two years. Jefferson is perhaps the most rounded out receiver on the list, as he has great stats in all important areas. His 94 Catch Rating, 95 Change of Direction, and all route running stats are above 92.

5 – Stefon Diggs (95 OVR)

Diggs settled into his leading role on the Buffalo Bills with a great season last year. His 95 OVR rating in Madden 23 has a lot to do with his incredible athleticism, but he also has reliable receiving stats. His 92 Speed, 92 Agility, and 94 Acceleration, coupled with his 98 Catch and 97 Juke ratings make him one of the best receivers in open-field.

4 – Deandre Hopkins (96 OVR)

Hopkins dropped a couple of spots from last year, but still is a top receiver in the league. Hopkins lost a tiny bit of his speed ratings, but he still has the best Jumping and Spectacular Catch ratings in the game at 99. He also has great route running stats, so he will be able to catch nearly anything thrown his way.

3 – Tyreek Hill (97 OVR)

Hill will be joining the Miami Dolphins after dominant years with the Kansas City Chiefs. He is still the fastest receiver in Madden 23, coming in with a 99 Speed and Acceleration rating, 98 Agility, 99 Change of Direction, and 98 Juke. He is one of the best receivers and also one of the most fun to play with.

2 – Cooper Kupp (98 OVR)

The leading receiver for Super Bowl winners LA Rams comes in at the second spot after earning the triple crown by leading the league in receptions, yards, and TDs. It is surprising that Kupp did not earn a spot in the 99 club in Madden 23 after earning the Offensive Player of the Year and Super Bowl MVP award. His key stats are still incredible with a 99 Catch Rating, 99 Short Route, and 98 Medium Route.

1 – Davante Adams (99 OVR)

Adams returns to the 99 club for his second straight year after a great season with the Packers. He will be joining the Las Vegas Raiders in Madden 23 as the best receiver in the game. His key stats incude a 99 Catch, Spectacular Catch, and Catch in Traffic ratings, 96 Jump, and 99 Release. Adams is almost perfect in game-changing stats.

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