Marvel Strike Force has continued to grow into a worldwide powerhouse in the mobile gaming arena. With the game adding new characters, new events, and costumes, users have begun to shift toward a pay-to-win game plan. Although it’s not an awful idea for serious Strike Forcers to make in-game purchases, it’s not everyone’s style of play. Here’s a few tips for Marvel Strike Force players who have a tighter grip on their wallet.

Daily Objectives

For the Free-To-Play community (F2P), your first priority should be to accomplish all of your daily objectives every day. A lot of users tend to think these aren’t important, but completing your daily objectives rewards you with a daily number of 25 shards of Wolverine, approximately 100K in Gold, and 100-200 Power Cores. These are rewards that no player should pass on.

Campaign Node Completion

Complete the campaigns! It may be a bit boring at times, but it is essential to complete Campaign Nodes. When successfully completing nodes (three-star), you can then begin to farm characters from that mission, if applicable. The faster you three-star a Campaign Node, the quicker you can farm characters and recruit them to your lineup. 

Store Purchases

Characters can be found in the Arena, War, Blitz, and Gold Store. Making small in-game purchases with in-game currency will help develop your roster and diversify your teams in no time. To elaborate in-depth, the Blitz Store has amazing offers. Even though you unlock Luke Cage and Spiderman for free when you start a new game, you can use this store to buy more shards to level up their star rank, increasing their HP. 


Of course, there’s much more to Marvel Strike Force than what we covered here today. However, farming Campaign Nodes, buying shards and gears in the stores, and completing daily objectives should keep you busy for quite some time, depending on how much time you spend in the game. Overall, this guide should help spending-averse players stand tall at the forefront of the Strike Force community. As always, keep on Strike Forcing!

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