Steelrising is a soulslike set in France in 1879. In this alternative timeline, you play as Aegis, a sentient automate. Your mission is to fight back against a Tyrant King, and Aegis has several weapons and alchemical attacks at her disposal to accomplish her goal. Being a soulslike game, Steelrising can be challenging, and we are here with the best tips and tricks for beginners in Steelrising.

Best Tips for Steelrising

  • Three tools will provide access to new areas: Alchemist’s Ram, Selentine Momentum, and Bishop’s Hook. They are unlocked by defeating Titan Bosses. Return to previously explored locations to find new spaces open to you.
  • Side quests will often provide unique weapons or armor.
  • Alchemical damage (Flame, Frost, and Fulmination) fills a gauge on Aegis or her enemies; when full, it triggers an Affliction, which lasts until the meter is depleted.
  • Alchemical Capsules are used for Alchemical attacks. Capsules are dropped by enemies but can be bought at the Boutique when required.
  • Power weapons do physical damage and impact. The impact will stagger enemies on hit, and a charged heavy attack will knock them over.
  • Agility Weapons do physical damage and immobilization. Immobilization is the gauge inside the diamond reticle when you’ve locked on to a target. Once complete, it will immobilize the target allowing a critical attack follow-up.
  • Lavoisier Catalyst and Lavoisier Sublimator are used to improve your Oil Burette (Healing Potion), and these items are scarce. If you’re struggling with healing, buy the Ordinary Oil Vials from the Boutique. Ordinary Oil Vials are single-use heal-over-time items.
  • Module Keys are used in upgrading Aegis’s four Module Slots. Modules are passive bonuses that are equipped with Aegis.
  • Choose either Power, Agility, or Elemental Alchemy as your primary attribute. Each is the primary attribute of one of the eight weapon types, and you should pick the attribute based on your weapon choice.

Which class to pick in Steelrising?

At the start of the game, you can choose between four classes; Bodyguard, Soldier, Dancer, or Alchemist. Each class specialized in a specific playstyle. All four options are strong choices; the different playstyles are:

  • Bodyguard: Slow, heavy weapon tank style class.
  • Soldier: Power weapon offensive class.
  • Dancer: Fast, Agile, Agility weapon class.
  • Alchemist: Alchemical damage-focused class.

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