Cult of the Lamb is a marvelous game of resource management, exploration, and sacrificial murder. When you first start to play the game, however, it can be a little overwhelming. Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite tips for players who are completely new to the game. Follow along to make your beginner commune become an expert’s cult in no time at all.

Beginner’s Guide to Cult of the Lamb

Prioritize resource gathering

When it comes to your camp, the first order of business should be to gather resources as quickly as possible. You’ll need wood and stone to build, whereas berries can be used for one of the lowest cost foods in the game.

Assign followers to mine specific resources, but try to keep the division of labor equal between wood, stone, and berry gathering. The commune will slowly generate new trees, stones, and bushes for your followers to mine.

Set up camp

Everyone loves to personalize their cult, but make sure that you consider your followers. Even if you gift a follower a moon necklace, everyone needs their own bed – both for rest and in the event that they fall ill.

It takes a minute to unlock the sick bay and outhouse. In the meantime, do sweeps of the commune’s perimeter once a day to clean up follower poop. Without the sick bay, it’s especially important to make sure that everyone has a place to lay down if they get sick to ensure that they won’t die.

Focus on follower loyalty

Leveling up follower loyalty is critical for declaring new doctrines. The more doctrines you declare, the more opportunities you have to unlock new rituals and gain additional devotion.

The easiest ways to garner loyalty are by making sure your followers are fed and healthy, giving daily sermons, and completing follower requests as they appear. Blessing followers once you have that option as well as giving them gifts you have obtained through crusades is another great technique to ensure that your followers are not interested in dissenting.

Crusade early and often

Once you have pillaged your commune of all resources, you will eventually need items that can only be acquired through crusades. Whether it’s additional stone and wood or a new cult member, crusading is a crucial element to determining the longevity of the commune. In the beginning of the game, try to crusade as long as possible and then return to the commune to welcome new followers and level up the loyalty of existing followers by giving them gifts obtained during your crusade runs.

Try easy mode

While Massive Monster (the developers for Cult of the Lamb) recommend playing on the medium difficulty, there is no shame in switching up the challenge level if you’re struggling. You can change the difficulty level at any point during the game without needing to create a new save file. This is especially helpful if there’s a particular boss that you are having trouble defeating as the difficulty level impacts the HP of foes as well as the amount of items dropped during crusades and the amount of micromanagement needed back at the commune.

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