Genshin Impact confirmed that Version 2.7 will be delayed for an indefinite period, leaving players with little new content to enjoy until the new update comes. If you’ve been struggling with what to do in Teyvat in these dry times, here are some options that can help you score Achievements, Primogems, materials, and more.

  • Play through current and upcoming events, including the Marvelous Merchandise and Spices from the West.
  • Do Daily Commissions.
  • Spend Resin on Artifact Domains, Weapon Material Domains, and Weekly Boss battles.
  • Explore The Chasm and the Underground Mines.
  • Get 100 percent exploration in areas you haven’t completed. Make use of Gadgets, such as the Treasure Compasses, to help you find the last few Chests and Oculi in each region.
  • Complete Story, Archon, and World Quests.
  • Complete all Hangout routes.
  • Complete Battle Pass tasks.
  • Go fishing.
  • Build new characters.
  • Try new team compositions.
  • Defeat common enemies to farm materials.
  • Try new Recipes.
  • Take pictures around Teyvat.
  • Farm materials for characters and weapons you plan to pull for in the future.
  • Get all stars in the Spiral Abyss.
  • Play Serenitea Pot games in Co-op mode.
  • Try getting battle Achievements.
  • Search for Hidden Quests and Exploration Objectives.

While Genshin Impact has yet to release a timeline for Version 2.7, there’s still a lot to do in the game. Now’s the perfect time to be a completionist and search every nook and cranny for things you missed! If you plan to take a break and recharge until the new update, don’t forget to still log in regularly as Genshin Impact is issuing compensation every Wednesday from May 11, 2022, until Version 2.7 drops.

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