Minecraft is an almost infinite game with an endless amount of options for creating and designing things. But with that unlimited freedom comes the stumping question, “What do I build next?” You can feel like you’ve done everything and boredom sets in. Luckily, we’re here to help, and answer the question: What do I build in Minecraft when I’m bored?

A Canal

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Boats are one of the fastest ways of getting around in Minecraft if you don’t have an Elytra. But I bet you’ve never built a canal before to make traveling around your Minecraft world a breeze! You can make it with walkways and bridges, and before long you’ll find it’s the centerpiece of your Minecraft world.

A Greenhouse

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There are dozens of types of plants, flowers, and vegetables in Minecraft, but most people will just let them grow out in the open ready to be stomped by mobs and animals. Why not construct a greenhouse to house your plants and garden inside?

Upgrade a Village

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Villages need some help. They don’t have walls, they don’t have minecarts, and they don’t have proper lighting. Upgrading and making a Village into a proper home for these Villagers is a noble project that you should definitely try at least once. Or why not repopulate an abandoned village after making it safe?

A City Block

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So many people go for the medieval style in Minecraft, partially because it’s easier, and partially because they’ve not tried the alternatives. As a result, you can create something super unique in Minecraft if you try and build an entire city block—something new for when you’re bored.

A Railway

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There are Minecarts in Minecraft, Redstone for signals, and enough blocks to make millions of bridges. So why have you never tried making a Minecraft Railway? This is a great challenge for people who think they’ve done everything in Minecraft.

A Giant Skull… Made out of Bone!

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With Bonemeal, you can craft entire blocks of bone in Minecraft. But have you ever built something with this unusual material? Start with the Skull, and then maybe the entire skeleton.

A Simple Pond

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Sometimes simple is best. How many times have you actually ever built a pond or lake in Minecraft? Did you know there are 2,700 naturally occurring variants of Tropical Fish in Minecraft? Why not create them a perfect pond to live in!

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