Our The Sims 4 StrangerVille Cheats List Guide will walk you through a full list of console commands that will help you complete some of the more tedious tasks or just get you to the fun stuff quicker!

StrangerVille is the newest expansion for The Sims 4. This is a bit of a wacky one, and revolves around you finding evidence and trying to figure out how to stop whatever is making the sim characters turn wacky!

How-to Enable Cheats in The Sims 4

Enabling cheats in The Sims 4 is relatively easy. Just open up the game and load up your sims. Press and hold Control + Shift + C on your keyboard. This will bring up a white box at the top left part of your screen. This opens up what is referred to as a “console” in most games. You can now type cheats into it and press Enter to input the cheat.

If you want to enable cheats through clicking on things, you can type “testingcheats on” (without the quotes) to enable this ability. You can turn this off by inputting “testingcheats off” if you so desire. This gives you the ability to hold Shift and Left Click on a sim or any other object in the world to give you options like making your sim happy or disabling need decay. You can also Shift and Left Click places on the map to teleport a sim there.

The Sims 4 StrangerVille Cheats List

Here’s a quick list of some cheats that are specific to the StrangerVille expansion. There’s not a ton, so I’m going to list some of the useful Sims 4 cheats in the section below this one.

careers.promote militaryThis enables you to promote yourself in the new StrangerVille Military Career. If you get high enough in the career, you’ll eventually be able to become either an officer or a covert agent.
Traits.Equip_trait ParanoidIf you would like to give yourself the new Paranoid trait from StrangerVille then this command will do it. You can remove the trait by doing Traits.Remove_trait Paranoid.
Traits.Equip_trait HeroOfStrangerVilleIf you want to give yourself the Hero of StrangerVille trait without having to finish the full story then this command will do it for you.
Traits.Equip_trait InfectedIf you would like to inflict the StrangerVille virus upon a sim you can use this command.
Traits.Remove_trait InfectedIf you would like to remove the StrangerVille virus from a sim you can use this command.

The Sims 4 General Cheats List

Here’s a list of cheats that will just help you within the game and aren’t specifically related to the StrangerVille expansion. A cheat listed with a parenthesis means that you can switch between the options. If the cheat lists the letter “x” next to it, that means you’ll need to input something there, usually a number.

testingcheats (on|off)This enables the ability to Shift + Left Click on things for a variety of different conveniences depending on the object.
kachingGrants your family $1,000 Simoleans.
motherlodeGrants your family $50,000 Simoleans.
money xSets the amount of money your family has to X. This can also be used to remove money, because it SETS the amount and doesn’t give it to your family like the other two commands.
freerealestate (on|off)Makes all real estate free so you can get whichever house you’d like.
fillmotive xFills whichever motive you input as X. Here’s all of the options: motive_bladder, motive_fun, motive_hunger, motive_social, motive_energy, and motive_hygiene.
fps on (on|off)This will display the current FPS you are receiving in-game. It can be useful for dialing in your computer for the best settings.
bb.moveobjectsThis command allows you to move objects anywhere you’d like, even behind other furniture or wherever! Great command for the creative builder.
bb.showhiddenobjectsOpens up the ability to purchase all the objects in the game. Will even allow for some secret items that aren’t obtainable in a standard fashion.
death.toggle (true|false)Enable or disable your sims ability to meet the Grim Reaper.

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