Embalming bodies, burning corpses, and banishing demons: it’s all in a day’s work when you’re playing Mortuary Assistant. But which body is the right body to burn, when choosing wrong could get yourself killed? Read on to learn how to identify the signs of a corpse that isn’t resting in peace.

How to pick the right body in The Mortuary Assistant

In order to pick the possessed corpse, keep an eye out for strange occurrences that occur while examining each of the bodies. This goes beyond encountering demons or seeing hanged ghosts, as that will happen in between bodies no matter what (just graveyard shift things).

When looking at the corpse, position yourself at an angle that lets you see the whole body at once. Then keep an eye out after each stage of the embalming process. If the corpse is possessed, you should see twitching. If you think you’ve spotted a twitch, remember which corpse it was and continue through the rest of the bodies.

After you’ve finished examining each corpse, pull out the twitchy body once more. Take a closer look at their skin, particularly around their back. If they have new injuries that have popped up since the embalming process, that’s the body to burn.

If you want to be triple sure you’re incinerating the right person, go to cold storage and take the cremation bag. Use it below the incinerator to gather some ashes. Put the ashes on the body that you think is possessed. Use matches to light the ashes and take a look at the sigil that’s displayed. Use the notepad in your inventory to crosscheck the sigil. If the sigil on the stomach matches the sigil in your notepad, you have the right corpse.

Still having trouble picking the right body? Look up Identifying Demonic Tenancy on the computer for the game’s guide on identifying possession signs.

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