After completing The Gourmet Supremos: Of Shrines and Sakura, a simple quest which only requires interacting with the Sakura Tree at the Grand Narukami Shrine, you’ll need to find the Gourmet Supremos on your own to progress the quest series.

The group can be located on Kannazuka Island, north of Kujou Encampment (as shown below).

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Once again, the Gourmet Supremos ask for your help in retrieving special “thunderstruck” ingredients. Xudong will give you bait to place by the Thunder Sakura, which will attract crabs. Watch out for the Thunder Sakura’s lightning attacks if you haven’t completed Sakura Aborism.

Giving Xudong the special crab completes The Gourmet Supremos: The Seashore Strider and rewards Travelers with the following:

  • Adventure EXP (150)
  • Mora (25,000)
  • Primogems (20)
  • Crab Roe Kourayaki dish recipe
  • Delicious Crab Roe Kourayaki (3)

The next quest in the series is The Gourmet Supremos: The Deep Divers, which takes place on Yashiori Island.

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