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The Best Team Comps in Teamfight Tactics

Choosing the best team comp in TFT can be tricky, since the game heavily relies on random luck of the draw for the champions you roll. For this reason, we try to include the best compositions for several origins and classes. With a bigger variety of options, you’ll find a great team comp for almost all situations! Let’s get started!

The Shortlist

Here, we provide you easy access to all the team comps we feature below. You can see a general description of what each comp runs, so this is the best area to quickly reference what you’re running in-game. Follow the links provided to jump to a more in-depth guide for that team comp.

  • Easy Team Comps
    • Dawnbringers: Karma carry, simple setup. Use tanky Dawnbringers in the front and let ranged attackers in the back deal damage.
    • Skirmishers: Jax carries with low HP self-heal. Team hits hard and fast from the start.
  • Medium Team Comps
    • Nightbringers: Aphelios carry, simple setup. Nightbringers take the brunt of the damage to let the back line carry, but get boosts below 50% health to finish any stragglers.
    • Assassins: Dual carry, simple setup. Amplify hard-hitting assassins with guaranteed critical strikes and frequent stuns.
  • Hard Team Comps
    • Kayle’s Ascension: Kayle carry, unusual setup. Knights play hard defense to buy time for Kayle, who ascends and lays waste to the opponent’s entire time after she reaches her 4th ascension.
    • Golden Ring of Hell: Multi-carry, unusual setup. Focuses on getting the golden-tiered heroes and their special powers to make you a jack-of-all-trades opponent.

Easy Team Comps

We call these easy compositions because they are usually easy to form and mostly just require matching origins or classes. They also usually lean towards standard four or five star carries rather than rolling your heroes to level three. These team comps don’t always lead to 1st place, but if played properly, they’ll always land you in the top four.


When Dawnbringers drop below 50% health, they quickly heal some of their maximum health and boost damage for all other Dawnbringers by 10%. This is a standard build; so focus on saving money to increase your level rather than roll for rank three units.

A dawnbringer comp in TFT 5.0.

You’ll want to use your frontline Dawnbringers as self-healing tanks that boost the backline’s damage, especially Karma. Use Karma as your main carry and focus on getting her items equipped. If you get Rabadon’s Caustic Deathcap for her, you’ll want to protect her as best you can, since she’ll take the hit to her maximum health. Once you have her items, equip items on the rest of your team that work with their class.


When a battle starts, Skirmishers receive additional shield and attack damage. This is a standard build; so focus on saving money to increase your level rather than roll for rank three units.

Skirmisher teamp comp in TFT 5.0.

Jax makes the ideal Skirmisher because his special boosts his attack speed, meaning he hits harder and faster as the battle progresses. When combined with shadow weapons, Jax carves through the team like a magic rejuvenating knife through warm butter. Caustic Quicksilver protects him from being controlled. Riskthirster hits his health at the start of combat, but further increases his attack speed when he heals to 90%. Runaan’s Untamed Hurricane makes his fast and hard attacks deal damage to other heroes with every swing. Keep him at the front of the line to make him a dominating force in every battle.

Medium Team Comps

Medium Team Comps are a bit more difficult to form and usually require players to use several complementary origins and classes at one time. They can also be classified as medium because they have weak early-game heroes or rare rolls. These team comps usually land you in the top three of a match, and usually land you in 1st or 2nd place if you play them well.


This is a standard build; so focus on saving money to increase your level rather than roll for rank three units.

Nightbringer team comp in TFT 5.0

The Nightbringer Origin can be risky because it doesn’t take effect until the heroes reach below 50% health. At that point, they receive a shield that decreases over time and a boost to their attack damage. Since this comp uses only four Nightbringers (60% shield and 30% damage boost), they’re best used as shields to protect them from the heavy-hitting rangers in the back.

The Rangers need to be placed properly because you want to draw attention away from Aphelios, who is your team carry. For this reason, you want Kindred’s Wolf and Lamb to be block off Aphelios in the corner. Focus on getting Aphelios the items he needs, especially Hand of Vengeance. Once he has his items, give the rest of the items to your Nightbringers to boost their defenses.


This is a slow roll build, so focus on saving money past 50 to roll for rank three heroes, rather than increasing your player level.

An assassin comp in TFT 5.0

Assassins have always been a powerful class in TFT because they jump to the back line (which usually has lower HP) at the start of combat and clear house, then continue to deal heavy damage to the opponent’s dwindling numbers. Assassins focus mostly on hitting hard rather than fast, so both of your carries are going to hold Infinity Edge.

Each carry for this team has their own strengths, so you’ll definitely only want to run this comp if you roll both of them in the mid-game. Nocturne‘s items make him resistant to crowd control and increase his speed, but deal damage to him. His special ability heals him for damage, so you’ll want him to deal damage but position him to avoid attention. LeBlanc stuns your opponent’s Heroes at a rapid pace if she’s equipped with Very Dark Blue Bluff.

Hard Team Comps

There are several reasons a team comp might be considered hard to make. The mostly likely reason is that it runs a high risk-reward scenario. These situations generally only work when you have the full comp and work extremely well when they do. However, failing in one aspect (bad items, bad rolls, etc.) would be like throwing sand in an engine. These comps are best for advanced players that know how to respond if things go awry. When handled well, these team comps will frequently bring you to 1st or 2nd place.

Kayle’s Ascencion

This is a fast level build. Purchase Level 5 in Stage 2 and try to build a complementary team. Purchase Level 6 in Stage 3 and Level 7 in Stage 4 regardless of how much gold you have.

Kayle's comp in TFT 5.0.

This team comp focuses on Kayle and her passive Ascencion ability as your main carry. Her ascencion happens every five seconds for her one and two star tiers or every second for her three star tier. When she ascends, she gains new perks for each level, which are listed below.

  • 1st Ascencion: Attacks deal a percentage of Kayle’s AD as bonus true damage. (1 Star 90%, 2 Star 100%, 3 Star 1000%)
  • 2nd Ascencion: Attacks explode around the target, dealing Kayle’s AD and bonus true damage to nearby enemies.
  • 3rd Ascencion: Every 7th attack grants Kayle damage immunity for one second.
  • 4th Ascencion: Hits cause swords to rain down that deal magic damage. (1 Star 200 DMG, 3 Star 300 DMG, 3 Star 1000 DMG)

Because Kayle’s Ascencion takes time, you must have a frontline that is extremely difficult to kill. Ironclad and Knights are best for this, but, at the same time, you need to round off your comp with the Redeemed class to bring them back if they fall. When you combine these three, you have a line of heroes that don’t deal a lot of damage, but buy Kayle just enough time to lay waste to everything around her.

Golden Ring of Hell

This is a fast level build. Purchase Level 5 in Stage 2 and try to build a complementary team. Purchase Level 6 in Stage 3 and Level 7 in Stage 4 regardless of how much gold you have.

A Golden Team comp in TFT 5.0

This build starts off pushing Hellions in the early and mid-game to get a strong win-streak. You want to keep building off the Hellion Origin until you buy Heimerdinger and Volibear. At that point, drop to three Hellions, and sacrifice health to buy Teemo. Since Teemo can only be bought with player health, you only want to run this comp if you haven’t lost any.

Focus on getting your getting out your gold-tier heroes Volibear, Teemo, Heimerdinger, Garen, and Kindred. The rest of your team doesn’t strictly have to be what’s listed, but you must focus on amplifying the Invoker, Renewer, and Mystic classes. If you use the full comp listed above, you’ll be running a team with 10 bonus stats.

When you get Heimerdinger and Kindred, place them on the opposite side of your back carries to serve as a ranged damage distraction for Assassins.

Final Words

Reckoning brings a lot of new mechanics to TFT, and these compositions will probably change as the meta changes and with each new update. Be sure to check back weekly for better comps, as this guide will change semi-often!

Interested in playing TFT in the competitive arena? Be sure to check out our guide on How the TFT Ranking System Works!

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