When you sit down to play a game in Roblox, it can be a hard choice. If you have narrowed what you want to play down to the Obby genre, you’re at a good start, but there are still so many choices! There are many subtypes of the Obby game on Roblox, so it may be hard to know which ones are worth your time.

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The Best Obbies in Roblox

Get ready to spend hours traversing these many different obstacle course games in Roblox!

Tower of Hell

Tower of Hell is one of the most challenging obbies that exists in Roblox. The obstacle course involves ascending upwards while avoiding more and more chaotic challenges. This game is not only challenging because of the obstacle difficultly, but also because there are no checkpoints. You have to do this one in one run. This is great for experienced obby players.

Escape Prison Obby

Escape Prison Obby is a roleplaying obstacle course game that places the player as a prisoner who has been placed in a Robloxia prison with a harsh 100 year sentence. Your character doesn’t plan to sit his sentence though, and you’re there to guide him on his journey as he escapes the prison. This is a good choice for players who want an element of story telling in their obby game.

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Mega Fun Obby

Mega Fun Obby is one of the most popular obby games in Roblox, so you may have already heard of this one. It still deserves a spot on this list because of its exquisite gameplay. Mega Fun Obby is a solid classic obby, giving the player everything they want in an obstacle game with good graphics, stable gameplay, regular updates, and engaging gameplay.

Escape The Carnival of Terror Obby

If you’re a fan of creepy games, Escape the Carnival of Terror Obby may be the game for you. You play as a character trying to make it through an abandoned carnival, with many eerie obstacles in your path. This entry on the list provides a unique style to the obby genre.

Obstacle Paradise

Obstacle Paradise is unique from other obby games in that you both play on obstacle courses and also save up money to build your own obby. This choice is great for someone who wants a more long-term obby game, since many provide limited-time entertainment. There is also the bonus that you can play on your friends’ obbies, making this a good game for playing with friends.

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