If you were one of the lucky ones to find and pick up the new PlayStation 5, congratulations. Now, it’s time to talk about accessories for your new PS5: the monitor. 

What are you going to play this on? A new TV? Your current 1080p TV? While we wouldn’t really recommend the latter, for those wondering what they should play this on, a new gaming monitor would be a great investment. Gaming monitors differ from the new 4K TVs, let alone your current HDTV in several ways, from price to size and speed. Gaming monitors are dedicated to gaming. They are geared not only toward higher resolution, but more importantly high refresh rates, allowing your new PS5 to show off its full 4K, 120Hz capabilities.

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Dell S2721QS

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While some other gaming monitors may shatter you bank account, the Dell S2721QS will not only save you some cash, but it will also help your PS5 showcase its 4K capabilities.

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Available in both 27 and 32-inch models, this Dell monitor hits the sweet spot when it comes to size in a gaming monitor. It uses an IPS panel for wide viewing angles and features a strong response time while supporting VRR (variable refresh rate) to reduce screen tearing in game. It’s one of the newer gaming monitors to feature a 4K display, however, its pretty 4K display is limited to just a 60Hz refresh rate. While 60fps is fine and just about the standard when it comes to monitors and TVs today, those looking for performance may want to look elsewhere. 

At its current price, the S2721QS is still a great 4K gaming monitor. It does what it’s supposed to do for, technically, a budget-level 4K monitor: give you next-gen gaming in 4K, which is all the hype nowadays amongst console gamers.

Acer Nitro XV282K

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For those who want full, premium quality, get ready to start shelling out some cash. The Acer Nitro XV282K monitor might be the best PS5 monitor out in the market period. Just remember, although it’s expensive, it’s worth the investment. And it’s spectacular.

The Nitro comes in at 28-inches, again hitting that 27-32 inch sweet spot for gaming monitors, and features a 4K resolution at 120Hz allowing for the PS5 to perform at its full potential. It uses AMD Radeon technology to determine your game’s frame rate that will give you fast and smooth gameplay throughout and avoid any screen tearing while in-game. It features two HDMI 2.1 ports that will allow you to use your PS5 and your desktop PC on it at full 4K resolution. Visually, it’s perfect for next-gen gaming.

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If you’re willing to go over the $1,000 price range, you can find some 4K gaming monitors out there that cap at 144Hz and it would work perfectly with your PC as well as your PS5. But for those who are just looking for something for their PS5 specifically, this is perfect.

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Gigabyte AORUS FV43U

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If looking for the right gaming monitor foe an RPG or adventure game, the Gigabyte AORUS FV43U is the final boss. This monitor is as close to a new TV as one can get, or it’s even the bridge between gaming TVs and gaming monitors.

At 43 inches this is huge for a gaming monitor and won’t fit on a lot of normal gaming desks or setups. However, its size will make your new PS5 pop, even though the display itself isn’t anything extremely special. It features 4K resolution at 120Hz and a 1ms refresh rate with a pair of HDMI 2.1 ports and a tremendous HDR1000 support, all of which is supported by VRR and ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode). Its vibrancy stands out incredibly compared to almost every other gaming monitor out there now with that 43-inch display.

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However, its impressive size for a gaming monitor leaves one pretty big question: at 43 inches and for what it offers in performance, why not just get a new 4K TV instead? Most 4K TV’s now at that size with similar or better specs come in almost easily under $1,000. These are things to consider if you are seriously looking at grabbing this monitor. While it’s certainly worth it purely from a gaming perspective, you may find better overall value in an actual 4K TV.

LG Ultragear 27GP950

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The LG 27GP950 features 4K resolution at a whopping 144Hz refresh rate (160Hz when overclocked) and 1ms response time, the fastest out of any of the monitors on this list and perfect as well for PC gaming. It is as vibrant and colorful right out of the box thanks to its Vesa DisplayHDR 600 certification. It also includes Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync technologies to prevent screen tearing, keeping your gameplay fast and smooth without any kind of stutter.

The UltraGear isn’t cheap by any means, coming in at just under $900. However, there really isn’t much to not like about this LG 4K screen. It’s fast, it’s bright, it’s pretty, it’s under $1,000, and it’s as perfect as it can be.

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Asus TUF Gaming VG289Q

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The Acer TUF Gaming VG289Q monitor might be the cheapest 4K gaming monitor of this list, but that low price tag doesn’t completely mean it’s “cheap” either. The low price tag, however, does mean that it doesn’t feature a lot of the top features that other premium 4K monitors may offer.

In fact, the VG289Q might be the best budget-friendly 4K gaming monitor out in the market overall. It’s a 28-inch screen featuring 4K resolution at 60Hz, all stats of which are standard for a quality 4K gaming monitor. While it won’t be able to maximize on the PS5’s 120Hz refresh rate or even the incoming 8K resolution, it does it’s 4K job well, providing detailed vibrant colors with its 90 percent gamut. For those who have a multiple-screen gaming setup, the VG289Q can also be set up in portrait mode, giving it strong ability as a secondary monitor. Two of these monitors wouldn’t be bad first screens for those who are building their setups for the first time.

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From its price to its reliable, steady performance, the Acer TUF Gaming VG289Q monitor is a great starting monitor especially for those looking for their first 4K screen for their PS5 but don’t want to break the bank. Besides, you can always upgrade it to something more premium later on.

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