Vyn’s Special Consultation event opens up a limited district under Fieldwork called the Consumer Rights Protection. It’s open to players who have unlocked this game mode after clearing the Main Story stage 4-18. The event runs until Dec. 27, 2021, and contains a Vyn MR card reward called Morning Glory.

How to Play

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Access the event by clicking on Fieldwork on the bottom left of the screen and selecting Special Consultation. Three Cases will appear at a time—each costs 10 AP to challenge. Win all three Debates to unlock the Lawsuit, which is essentially a boss with a much higher HP and power output, similar to other Fieldwork Lawsuits. It also costs 10 AP to challenge the Lawsuit.

The Lawsuit is really tough, but don’t worry; If you lose the first time, the game will save your progress, and you can challenge it again with a fresh deck. The only caveat is that you need to shell out another 10 AP to continue.

Lawsuit Bonus

A Lawsuit Bonus will increase the number of Special Reports you receive per Case and Lawsuit. You can get this buff by using Vyn cards in your deck. Each Vyn card will give a one percent Lawsuit Bonus, with a 15 percent maximum bonus for 15 cards.

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Special Reports

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Each battle will give out 360 to 388 Special Reports (depending on your Lawsuit Bonus), which can be redeemed for various rewards by clicking on the Special Report icon on the upper right of the Consumer Rights Protection page. It includes a Special – Morning Glory commemorative namecard for 5,000 Special Reports.

Likewise, gathering certain numbers of Special Reports will complete tasks from the event To-Do List, with the highlight being the Vyn Morning Glory MR card, which you’ll be rewarded after collecting 15,000 Special Reports. Spending Special Reports won’t hinder your progression.

Refresh Time

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After the Lawsuit is complete, you need to wait a certain amount of time before another set of Cases appears. The amount of time varies but can take as much as an entire day. As a result, it’s not possible to gather enough Special Reports to obtain Vyn’s MR card without spending S-Chips to refresh.

Each refresh costs 80 S-Chips, and there isn’t a maximum number of times you can do so per day. To gather enough Special Reports for the limited event card, you need to spend a little under 2,300 S-Chips.

Is Vyn’s MR Card Worth it?

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MR cards are only obtainable through events. If you like Vyn’s Morning Glory card or are short of Vyn cards, spending the S-Chips on the refreshes will be well worth it. However, if you don’t have enough S-Chips to complete all refreshes within the event period (about 2,300), don’t waste them and save up for pulls or the next MR event card instead.

The event gives 300 S-Chips for free through To-Do-List tasks, so you’re essentially only spending 1,940 S-Chips max for the MR card. That’s only 140 extra compared to a 10-pull in the gacha.

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