The Manor of Hermes is a new exploration area that holds a major plot point in A Love Poem to Skadi. Players can access it through the event page during the event period, which runs until Jan. 25, 2022. Exploring the abandoned Manor will reveal various secrets and unlock Erin’s Winter, the peculiar Treasure Box that Johann Brose gives to you at the start of your adventure.

Exploration Requirements

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You must choose a male lead to accompany you to the Manor of Hermes, and each of them can be invited using one Lamp Light. These can be obtained from the Skadi Island Reputation system and are rewards for reaching levels two, four, six, and seven. It’s impossible to explore the entirety of the Manor without inviting all four male leads to help you.

How to Explore the Manor of Hermes

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Upon entering the Manor of Hermes, you can control Rosa and your accompanying male lead by swiping along the movement circle at the bottom left of the screen. There are various Investigation spots in the expansive abode’s 50 rooms, which you can interact with by clicking on the Action button at the bottom right of the screen.

Normal Investigation spots are marked with an arrow and will prompt an internal dialogue upon interaction. These don’t contribute to your Manor exploration. However, keep an eye out for sparkling Investigation spots, which give you important clues to solving the mystery behind Skadi Island.

Manor of Hermes Objectives

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To complete your exploration, you need to clear all of the Manor’s Objectives, which can be accessed through the Tablet menu. This means Investigating the sparkling spots in all the specified rooms on each floor using the right characters. Opening the Tablet will also show you a mini-map of the Manor, making it easier to maneuver.

Don’t skip the locked objects inside some rooms, as unlocking them will merit you game rewards, such as Stellin. Moreover, some areas can only be accessed with various keys, which you can obtain by raising Skadi Island residents’ Affection.

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First Floor Exploration

RoomMale Lead Required
Guest Room x3Any
Kitchen x2Luke
Dining Room x1Luke
Small Study x1Artem
Small Bedroom x1Artem
Medical Ward x3Vyn (lock password is 0012)
Maid’s Bedroom x1Any (requires key)
Reception Room x3Marius
Entertainment RoomAny (lock password is 6151)

Second Floor Exploration

RoomMale Lead Required
Erin’s Bedroom x2Artem
Lassiter’s Bedroom x2Marius
Lassiter’s Study x2Luke (lock password is 1930)
Grady’s Bedroom x2Vyn
Preparation Room x1Any (requires key)
Rest AreaAny (lock password is 4745)

Third Floor Exploration

RoomMale Lead Required
3F Storage Room 1 x2Luke
Equipment Storage Room x2Vyn
Studio x2Artem
Collection Room x2Marius (lock password is 0020)
Library x2Any (requires key)
Abandoned BedroomAny (lock password is 8153)

Basement 1 Exploration

RoomMale Lead Required
Secret Room x2Luke (obtain gemstone)
Altar Hall x1Marius (obtain gemstone)
Underground Bunker x1Artem (obtain gemstone)
Operating Room x1Vyn (obtain gemstone)

Once you have all four gemstones, you can unlock the Treasure from the Tablet menu inside the Manor.

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