Developer and publisher, miHoYo, has announced that the romance detective game, Tears of Themis, will launch an abundance of even more invigorating cases and passionate stories, this fall!

Accompany Marius and all the NXX members to the island of Nosta! Explore the island and hunt for the lost treasure of the Great Gold Heist with Marius, Luke, Artem, and Vyn to unlock a diversified amount of rewards. In this update, Tears of Themis will launch an upcoming series of limited-time expedition events.

Screenshot of Tears of Themis gameplay trailer

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During the event period, the island of Nosta will consist of four regions for players to explore: A Beach, a Forest, the Mountains, and the Outer Island. Players will uncover supply chests, solve random events, conquer unruly competitors, and brave through the dangers of the thrilling journeys encountered across the isle. With up to four partners to trek the mysteries of the island, players will earn all of the special event items to exchange for a plethora of event rewards; including 25 free Vision draws, S-Chips, invitations and more!

All events will officially launch after September 3 at 11:00 (UTC+9) on Android and iOS.

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