Following the events in the first part of this Episode, you continue investigating Jun Choi’s case with Marius von Hagen, finally bringing the trial to a close. Amid the morally devastating truth, as a lawyer, you must bring justice to court—as well as to the other victims involved.

All Investigation & Trial answers in Episode 7 Part 2 – The Rain of Monte Cristo in Tears of Themis


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In this segment, you and Marius return to the Burkes’ apartment to do a second Investigation. Use the Hint button on the left to help you find clues, and don’t forget to click on the arrow keys on the left and right of the screen to navigate the room.

You need to click on these three items:

  • Photos on the wall
  • Toolkit under the couch
  • Toy display case

However, you’ll complete the stage with only the following new items added to the Evidence Folder:

  • Toy Display Case Photo
  • Adoptive Agreement Signed By Caroline Argall


In this segment, you need to Investigate Irene Burke’s apartment by clicking on the magnifying glasses and speech bubbles that appear around the room. Once that’s done, you and Marius break down the information you learned.

Inquiry #1: What evidence can prove that the final time Jade Burke appeared wasn’t actually Jade Burke?


  • Irene’s relationship with her adoptive parents
  • Irene Burke’s unique talent

Inquiry #2: How did Irene Burke create her alibi?


  • Irene Burke’s disguise ability
  • Presumed time of death


In the Trial, you will defend Jun Choi in the criminal court against the accusations of his involvement in Edwin and Jade Burke’s murders.

  • Jun Choi certainly did not go to the burial site because…
    • Evidence: Footage of Simon Bloodworth’s Murder
  • Irene Burke did indeed know of Jun Choi’s plot, because…
    • Evidence: Jun Choi’s Voice Recorder
  • The evidence that proves Irene Burke’s motive is…
    • Evidence: Irene Burke’s Hidden Video Recordings
  • The direct evidence that proves that Irene Burke had already returned to the apartment building is…
    • Evidence: 24-hour Surveillance Footage of the Apartment Building on January 28th
  • Irene Burke switched out the handles. The evidence is…
    • Evidence: Hammer Photo
  • The evidence that proves that Irene Burke switched out the handle of the hammer is…
    • Evidence: Police Investigation Report

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