Episode 5 (Part 1): Sins of Cynicism (I) introduces you to a complex case surrounding illegal drugs, a dead journalist, and an autistic—but genius—boy named Huey. It sets the stage for a larger case that revolves around the world of unethical pharmaceuticals, starting from the events surrounding the suspicious Opaline Village.

The NXX Investigation Team will apply their unique skillsets to Investigate each piece of the puzzle, and you’ll primarily be working alongside Luke Pearce for on-field Investigations.


You’ll be asked to look for a contradiction between the information you have gathered. Respond with Heirson couldn’t have polluted the river. Later, an Analysis will prompt. Select the right clues to solve the Inquiry.

Inquiry: The lab in Opaline Village might be Heirson’s base for illegal drug production because…


  • NXX’s Toxic Effects
  • Opaline Fish Growth Abnormalities


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In this stage, you’ll be prompted to Investigate the first floor of Jasmine’s abandoned apartment, which has been ransacked since her death. Use the Hint button on the left to help you find clues, and don’t forget to click on the arrow keys on the left and right of the screen to navigate the room.

When you pick up the strange artwork with scribbles, you need to conduct an inspection. Swipe to the left or right to check both the front and back for clues.

You’ll find the following pieces of evidence:

  • Gift Hair Clip
  • Car Service Records
  • Date-Marked Desk Calendar
  • Notebook with Missing Pages
  • Strange Drawing (3D)


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You’ll be asked to identify the second group of intruders who broke into Jasmine’s home. Respond with The one who left us the evidence.

After, you’ll be prompted to investigate Jasmine’s loft. Like the first Investigation, search the area for clues and use the Hint button when you’re stuck. When you pick up the Cryptex in the toy box, conduct an inspection on the letters, top of the cylinder, and bottom of the cylinder.

Complete the stage with the following pieces of evidence:

  • Termination Contract
  • Stellis News Funding Proposal
  • Admission Appeal Response
  • Cryptex (3D)


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Huey makes an appearance—conduct an Inspection of his physique by selecting the following:

  • Head
  • Face: select Drug effects
  • #3 burn mark on Huey’s arm

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