Les Tournesols refers to one of Vincent van Gogh’s iconic paintings of sunflowers—a key motif in this X-Note. Work together with the NXX Investigation Team—primarily Marius von Hagen—as you resurface an old case of Van Kerrel’s death.


Inquiry: After meeting up with Lawrence, you and Marius all believe Johnny to be highly suspicious, because…


  • The Re-Appearing Cyanide
  • Ones who knew about the Visit


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In this stage, you need to inspect Johnny Bailey. Select the following:

  • Face
  • Pinky
  • Scarf: select Strange dress style
  • Stain around shirt button: select Trace of medicine


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You need to look around Van Keller’s apartment. Use the Hint button on the left if you can’t find any more clues, and use the left and right arrows to navigate across the room.

Upon clicking on the large painting of sunflowers in the living room, you need to inspect the front and back. Swipe to the left or right to see both sides of the painting.

You’ll find a total of three items in the room:

  • Bob’s Family Details
  • Johnny’s Personal Files
  • Vase with Three Sunflowers (B/W) (3D)


Inquiry #1: Johnny may be Bob’s son. The most obvious coincidence is…

Connections Part 1:

  • Bobby’s Personal Info
  • Johnny – Birthday

Connections Part 2:

  • Twins
  • Baby Theft Case

Inquiry #2: Johnny’s original murder plan might have been…

Connections Part 1:

  • Rum
  • Doubts about Johnny

Connections Part 2:

  • Murder Plan I
  • Tool Shack on the First Floor

After the two Investigations, you’ll be asked how you could prove Johnny’s alibi. Select They are twins.

4-12—Investigation and Analysis

Use the Hint button to help you find more pieces of evidence in the room. You need to inspect three paintings in this round—check their front and back to obtain two clues each. You’ll end up collecting the following:

  • Black Market Ledger
  • Vase with Five Sunflowers (Incomplete) (3D)
  • Vase with Twelve Sunflowers (B/W) (3D)
  • Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers (B/W) (3D)

After Investigating the paintings, an Analysis round will prompt.

Inquiry: The hints to the password are hidden in the sunflowers, because…


  • Number of Flowers
  • Completion Date


Inquiry: The weird thing about Johnny is…


  • Johnny – Callus
  • Johnny – Going Back Home


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  • Mr. Bailey was in Stellis on the night of the crime, and the evidence is…
    • Evidence: HSR Travel History
  • Mr. Bailey and Mr. Gomez are identical twins, and the evidence is…
    • Evidence: Paternity Test Report
  • Mr. Bailey injured himself from strangling Mr. Kerrel, and the evidence is…
    • Evidence: Hotel Medical Spray Record
  • After returning to Stellis, Mr. Bailey made his way to Mr. Kerrel’s study, and the evidence is…
    • Evidence: Dried Petals
  • How do you prove that Van willingly let Johnny kill him due to his own guilt?
    • Evidence: Van Kerrel’s Incident Report

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